Racking systems carry their share of risks both for their users and for the people working in the warehouse. A good employer ensures that their storage systems are safe for their employees and users.
Whether it's for their monthly or annual inspection, to create a more productive layout, for compliant and professional repairs, or for their load capacity certification, Services Rack-Tek has you covered.


Our pallet rack inspection experts make sure to give you the full picture of the conformity of your storage systems with applicable government laws and CNESST directives.


Services Rack-Tek works with our customers to plan out repairs at the customer’s convenience and with budget in mind. Our qualified technicians come to your warehouse to perform scheduled repairs in a professional and clean manner. We work with you to make our presence as low-key as possible while minimizing the impact of our repairs on your production.


Although specialized in repairing pallet racks, we are still qualified to provide you with a quality installation in all types of racking systems.


Certification of repairs confirms that the work was done in accordance with government standards and requirements. The report issued by the engineer is given to you to keep for your records. All racking repairs are individually certified by a professional engineer and are documented with a Certified Engineer Repair Report.


As professionals in the storage area, we have access to accessible and durable ranges of racking systems and protective products for all our customers according to your needs.

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