Our goal

Specializing in the inspection, capacity, maintenance, and repair of pallet racks, we are committed to providing you with the services best suited to your workplace safety needs. Whether it's inspection, repair, installation or certification, we are proud to offer our services to all types of businesses across North America.
We are committed to provide best in class service to our customers in a safe and timely manner, through our philosophy of continual improvement, customer focus and in line with the context of the organization.

Our goal is to serve our customers efficiently and effectively by providing a quality product at a competitive price.









How is this Achieved?

We restore the structural integrity of pallet racking systems and certify the capacity through the use of individual engineer certified repairs. We proactively identify risks related to racking to prevent safety issues and to bring the structural integrity of damaged racking systems back to manufacturer specifications. Services Rack-Tek technicians that do the repairs are required to document several stages of the repair. The prime tool for documenting the repair is a digital scanner. In general, each repair is documented with up to four photos. One or two photos are provided for each stage of the repair. The stages of repair are as follows:

1. The first set of photos document the condition prior to the repair process.
This stage is titled "before".

2. The second set of photos is taken after the repair device has been installed.
This photo is titled "after".

All repairs are then marked with a serialized ID tag (stickers) that are referenced in certification reports.

Why Rack-Tek Services?

  • All Rack-Tek repairs are individually certified by a professional engineer;
  • We are ISO 9001:2015 certified;
  • We provide continual education programs for our inspectors & technicians;
  • We provide pallet rack safety training program offered to our customers employees;
  • We conduct Joint Health and Safety Committee inspections and provide corrective action plans and scheduling;
  • We avoid welding and grinding on-site whenever possible through our bolt-on repair parts;
  • Our repairs are documented and identified by a bar code system.

Our customers rely on our services for safe racking systems and incomparable service that gives them peace of mind.
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